About DSDA

DSDA The Govt. of West Bengal in the Development & Planning Department launched the Digha Development Scheme in the year 1956. It acquired 1120 acres of land for comprehensive development of the area. The land use Plan was prepared by the Town & Country Planning branch of Development & Planning Department in the year 1974 and it was further revised in the year 1990. The Digha Development Scheme with the financial support from the Development & Planning Department constructed a number of Tourist accommodations and supporting infrastructure. It allotted lands at Hotel/Holiday Home/Residential Sectors etc. and created civic and support facilities like Roads, Water supply, Markets, Transport facilities, Green Zone, Sea Protection Works etc. It had also allotted necessary lands to Marine aquarium, Marine Corrosion Research Centre, Digha Science Centre, Hospital and Railway Authorities etc.

It is, however, Digha Development Scheme has been merged with Digha Sankarpur Development Authority with effect from 1st May, 2007 with its entire assets including the Tourist Establishments and the lands etc.

The Digha Sankarpur Development Authority (DSDA) is an autonomous body constituted under W.B. Town & Country (Planning & Dev) Act '1979, Urban Development (UD) Department. The Authority is guided by its Board. At present the Board has been constituted by the GoWB in U.D. Deptt. with the following members for three years.


To prepare a Development Plan for the entire 51 nos. of Mouzas including Digha, Sankarpur, Tajpur & Mandarmoni.
To undertake development projects and schemes within the area and to monitor the development works undertaken by different agencies/bodies/ institutions.
To develop Digha and Sankarpur as attractive beach spot.
To control unauthorized growth and haphazard constructions within its area and to oversee the entire development works.
To provide essential services to the tourists and residents of Digha and adjoining places.

Further, the objective of this Authority is to develop the twin beach resorts of Digha & Sankarpur as ideal tourist towns and to develop the adjoining areas for the benefit of the local people. To fulfill this objective the Authority drew-up an action plan for the entire 11th Plan period (2007-2012) & the Authority has been executing the schemes in phases depending upon the availability of resources.