Digha Beach Festival

Featured Events:

Conch Blowing
Sabala Mela
Handicraft Fair
District Book Fair
Food Festival
Bike Rally
Swiss Tent
Hot Air Balloon
Beach Marathon
Beach Volleyball
Photography Competition
Spot Quiz
Dhak Competition
Water Sports


Durga Puja, the main festival of Bengalis is celebrated with much fanfare and alacrity. In Digha, this five day festival is a big thing and preparations begin more than a month before. This autumnal festival recalls the power of female Shakti symbolized by Goddess Durga who slays 'Asura' to re-establish peace and sanctity on earth again.

Enjoy the familiar sound of 'Dhak', 'Dhunuchi', 'nachh', 'shonkho' and revel in the mild fragrance of the 'Shiuli' flower during this time. People flock the streets in their newest clothes and there are lights everywhere. Kali Puja, Manosha Puja, Poila Boishak (Bengali New Year), Jhulon are some of the other festivals celebrated in Digha.